Outdoor Deck Maintenance Tips

wood_deck_power_wash_before_afterDeck maintenance is critical to keep yours as a safe and relaxing place for family gatherings. With a touch of time and attention throughout the year, you’ll be able to rest easy knowing your deck is not just clean, but sound in structure. Remember the following helpful tips when  caring for a deck:

Regularly sweep up your deck surface to rid it of debris. Fallen leaves, sticks and dropped food or scraps from a gathering should always be tossed away. You can easily clear the seams between boards by using something like a screwdriver or popsicle stick. It is paramount to periodically clean between those boards because debris soaks up precipitation and encourages rot.

Keep in mind that rot will most likely occur in spots which you can’t see well, like the underside of the deck. Keep your eyes open for signs that rot is forming near the ledger (framing attached to the property’s main structure). A compromised ledge is a leading cause of collapses. Be vigilant in checking deck boards for even the smallest signs of rot, and replace damaged board right away.

Inspect the deck beams, joists, and posts when looking at seams and ledgers. The hardware employed at these locations can fall victim to rust over time. If any of these screws, bolts or nails are loose, it is a major hazard to be addressed.

Regularly check stairs, railings and banisters. When you gently apply pressure on any of these components, the wood should not budge.

Safeguard against discoloration. If objects like large pots, chairs, tables, or barbecues are left in the same spot for weeks or months, the deck surface will likely become discolored. From time to time, re-arrange items to avoid this issue.

Last but not least, schedule regular deck washes with our expert team. Even with regular owner maintenance in place, algae, dirt, mold and grime will build up on your deck’s surface. Our power washes will thoroughly kill off hazardous organisms on your deck and remove discoloration, making your deck look like the year you bought it.

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