How Often Should My Home or Business Be Power Washed?

power_washing_sidewalkResidential and business power washing is much like your other home maintenance chores, as it should be done on a regular basis. Generally speaking, experts recommend power washing your property once a year at a bare minimum, but factors like location and weather can contribute to needing areas like a sidewalk, driveway, siding or gutters looked after more often. Several things comes into play when deciding how often to your place power washed.

Longview’s climate and environment. Is it currently a rainier or more dry season? Is there a large collection of trees on your land? Is your spot prone to the kick up of dust clouds? These are just some factors which may warrant more than one annual power wash. Take for instance contaminants like algae and mold which are seen more so in wet conditions. If your establishment is surrounded by trees, the gutters could very well require frequent washing to remove sticks and leaves.

Your family’s or customers’ health and wellness. If there is any asthma in your family, you can considering having your home or business washed quarterly or even more often. Left alone, areas in the property can foster the growth of dangerous organisms harmful to one’s respiratory health. Taking in these spores over time can certainly be a health risk. Scheduled pressure washing from our expert crew can ensure these contaminants will never be able to get a foothold on your  never have a chance to grow on your home’s exterior—ensuring the safety of you and your family.

Your home improvements projects. Have a re-paint or re-finish of your property’s exterior in mind? Consider bringing us in for a pressure washing before getting these projects underway, and properly prep the surface. Power washing prior to painting ensures your new finish adheres properly your home or business and increases its lifespan.

Your own personal tastes. You see your exterior more than anyone else does, and if you feel it’s not quite up to standards then please do bring us by for as many pressure washing sessions as you desire in a scheduled basis.

All set to set up a day and time for your East Texas pressure washing service? The experts here at Under Press are ready handle any and all of your siding, sidewalk, brick, stucco and more exterior needs.

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