Is My Property’s Siding Safe During a Pressure Wash?

residential_home_sidingA common question for the Under Pressure team is if pressure washing is safe for siding surfaces. The vast majority of the time, the answer is yes. All of the following siding options below are perfect candidates for a wash, especially if it is carried out by an expert, experience team like ours. We are well versed in the strengths and capabilities of the equipment we use on a daily basis.

Vinyl: This plastic material designed to be stylish while also weatherproof. Vinyl does a decent job at protecting against the elements but shows fading and age over time. As years go by, vinyl siding is lessened in looks by dirty and grime. A thorough pressure wash is a budget-friendly solution to restore vinyl to its former glory, with dirt and algae eradicated.

Aluminum: Metallic siding rose in prominence for its easy maintenance and strength. That being said, aluminum siding can look dusty and dull in a small amount of time. Fortunately, your aluminum siding’s glory is there just underneath the chalky appearance. A quick power wash will bring back the look you desire.

Brick: This traditional selection for home and business exteriors has a welcoming appearance that can be diminished due to dirty and/or moss. If you have gone along while between washes or never had a cleaning of your brick property, you’ll be amazed by the difference in appearance after our friendly crew brings it back to life. Each brick’s original, organic color tones will be on display.

Stucco: Modern day stucco is a plaster from a blend of cement, water, sand, and lime. Stucco’s uneven surface qualities gives it a unique look which can be easily spotted from afar. This also gives way to this type of siding attracting a lot of dirt. An efficient power wash from Under Pressure will yield quality results, renewing your stucco.

Wood: Wood siding, similar to a deck, can certainly withstand power washing. A company like ours takes special care to never damage any of your wood exterior during a wash.

Our crew at Under Pressure is ready to answer any of your questions about the safety of a home or business pressure wash of your siding.

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