FAQs About Power Washing Services

man_power_washing_sidingYou likely have questions regarding power washing for your home or business, and we have answers! A selection of the most frequently asked questions and replies are found in this post below, to present our existing and potential clients with valuable info and target any thoughts you might have about an expert Longview, Texas power washing company like ours.

Q. Are your pressure washing sessions safe for my home’s brick or siding?
A. At Under Pressure, one of the most common inquiries we receive is whether pressure washing can harm a house. The honest answer is that pretty much any and all sidings are candidates for pressure washing, including brick, vinyl, stucco, aluminum and others.

Q. Which aspects of my residential property can be power washed?
A. Our services are safe and efficient for a variety of areas throughout your house, including siding, decks, walkways, roofs, patios, porches and more.

Q. Are your washes alright for my landscaping and pets?
A. Absolute. We take being environmentally friendly seriously and keep all gardening and animals in mind during all power washing service visits and will not damage either.

Q. Why do I need my gutters power washed?
A. As time progresses, your rain carrying systems fill with things like leaves, sticks and debris. When this occurs, the passages inside the gutters don’t perform like they’re designed to and precipitation won’t be carried away from the home as it should be. This places your biggest asset in life at risk for water retention and high repair costs. Our expert services will rid your home of these problems and keep it functioning in optimal form.

Q. How do you determine power washing prices for my home?
A. The budget-friendly charge for our power washing services depends on a few factors like size, height, level of difficulty, and condition. We are happy to provide a free estimate and welcome your call or email.

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